When You’re In, You Win

Just a quick update from NATPE, where I was one of the consultants helping people prep for their pitch sessions.  Three of the people I worked with that day have called or e-mailed to let me know how their pitches went — and they went very well indeed.  For two of the individuals, every production company they pitched to asked to read their script.  Every.  Single.  One.  A third team batted .500 – and they got an open door to pitch other projects to the two companies who passed.

I mentioned before that nearly everyone I saw was a solid B+, so I’m not surprised.  But I am delighted, and I wanted to share because so many writers think that pitching is like winning the lottery.  It’s not.  Getting a TV show or a movie made – that’s winning the lottery.  Getting interest, getting optioned, writing for hire — that’s all about getting in the door.

If you want to be a working writer, you have to pitch.  You will make connections, you will get a better sense of what a specific company looks for, you will make inroads.  You will get read.   There is no downside.

What’s stopping you?  Let me know.  Tomorrow, I’ll dish about what (sometimes!) stops me.


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