Time, time, time

I don’t know if this is a post or a cry of despair.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my busy season, but – oh my oh my oh dinosaurs – I am exhausted.

I just listened to the very good “Eat That Frog!” as an audiobook – because I don’t have time to read it – and found it full of practical advice.  One excellent tidbit: stop doing things that don’t need to be done.  Another: do the most important thing first.  Both the epitome of common sense.

Clearly, I’m senseless, because I’m failing at both.

This blog, for instance, does not have to get written – and you can see how little I’ve managed to do over the last few weeks.  Ditto Twitter.  But I miss them!  I miss reading other people’s blogs.  I miss being part of the online writing community.  This stuff may not be a must-do, but it gives me the juice to get the must-do done.

As for “most important first,” you may trust me when I say that having five different “most importants” guarantees constant guilt.  No matter which gets done first, the others are always bleating that they deserve more time.  My problem is that consulting wars with career and with writing and family and…

The one tip I am doing well on is finishing what I start.  The idea is to touch things only once; complete them fully and be done.  Obviously, my novel won’t fall into that category, but my daily writing quota does.  It’s a philosophy that’s helping me get through things of medium size and importance and forcing me to set achievable goals on some of the bigger-ticket items.

If anyone has any insight into juggling writing with career and family – or handling the constant tug between multiple projects with more grace than I can muster – please feel free to share.  Meanwhile, here’s a link to a smart post by Andrew Romine about writing discipline — “seat of the pants to the seat of the chair” — which works great for my novel, but is lousy for the laundry…


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