Finding Your Tribe(s)

One of the great things about life today is the Internet.  It makes it possible for you to find like-minded people anywhere in the world.  It cuts through the isolation of small towns and new cities and allows you to take a laptop full of connections with you no matter how many times your job makes you relocate.  I am cautiously optimistic that it will someday even make high school less devastating.

Hey, there was a reason the teen Buffyverse was set on the Hellmouth.

Problem is, it’s vast.  Billions of bits of information – blogs – tweets – posts – articles – yikes.  Who has the time to rummage through all that?  On the other hand, who can afford not to?  If we’re on the web at all, it’s that we want to connect.  I know this because I’m struggling with it right now.  And to cut to the chase: I have no answers.  But I have some thoughts.

First: I need to embrace that this is going to take a lot of time.

Second: I need to compartmentalize.

I am many things: a writer, a geek, a pitch consultant, a producer, a lover of Golden Age mysteries, a terrible cook… really, the list is endless.  And while it might be nice to find another such, it’s not really necessary.  I can gush about Ngaio Marsh’s books with one set of friends and bemoan my cooking to a whole different, sympathetic bunch.

The trick – I think – is to tackle one thing at a time.  Right now, I’m looking for fellow writers, people who play with ideas, who love words, who, like me, are in the trenches, trying to figure out how to make a living by making people laugh and think and cry.  My virtual identity – my pitch for myself – has to line up with that.  Because it’s not just about me finding you – you have to be able to find me as well.

Feel free to list any links you think I might like in the Comment section.  Pitch what you’re looking for – which specific tribe you currently want to find – and I’ll do the same.  And if you want hot chefs with gourmet recipes… well, maybe another blogger can help you with that!


3 thoughts on “Finding Your Tribe(s)

  1. Hi Laura

    I’m in the same boat as you. Getting set to self-publish my first novel and trying to connect with like minded people and it’s hard to get noticed amongst all those voices clambering for attention.

    So hey, you got a new follower!

  2. Fantastic, David! I just checked out your blog, too – gorgeous theme, by the way. And good stuff. Writers write, right? Only there’s all this other stuff we have to do now, too. I feel your pain.

    Here are a couple of mystery and/or writing sites you might like: Podcasts. Books. What’s not to love? Opinionated reviews and more. A different author blogs every day of the week. Very much the business of writing.

    Finally, I love this blog, but this particular article is a *must read* for anyone who might ever sign a contract with a publisher:

    Just a few more things you might want to do on top of your spring cleaning!

  3. Great! Thanks for the links and for visiting my blog! I’ve just posted quite a long one about depression and writers. Hopefully you’ll have five minutes to check it out! Looking forward to reading more of your posts soon.

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