When Should I Pitch?

When should you pitch?

All the time.

Wow, that’s a short blog post.

You are a writer and you are also the CEO, head of sales and chief bottle-washer for your writing career.  That means you must constantly be looking for ways to get your work out into the light.  When I have lunch with a friend who’s a producer, I ask her what she’s looking for.  When I’m hanging out with a friend who’s a writer, I bat around ways we could do a project together.  Dinner with actors?  I offer to write them scenes for their next showcase.  Some of the stuff I do is a freebie favor, some is on spec, and some is for hire, but I’m always looking for ways to work with people and enroll them in my ideas.  That’s pitching.

And truly, pitching is already something you do all the time.  You just don’t realize it.  Want a friend or spouse to go to a movie with you?  Inviting people to a party?  Raving about a favorite book?  That’s all pitching, that’s all enrolling people in the fun and possibility of your project.  You just need to get adept at doing it for yourself.

Think you can’t?  Ha!  Look at a small child.  All they do is run around saying how fun everything is and how brilliant they are, and you know what?  You, too, were once a small child and expert at enrolling people in how fun and brilliant you were.  You did it then, you can do it now.

Oh, but not right now – there’s a really fun webseries you have to check out first.  It’s free, it’s on Hulu, and it’s about a couple so terrified of parenthood, they decide to practice first.  On a doll.  If you’ve got kids of your own, you’re going to LOL – or weep, possibly.  Faux Baby.  Not, by the way, for when little ones are in the room – occasional adult language and situations.



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